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Benny Chan stars as Jigong in this classic tale. He is the governing monk who does good, but flouts the rules of the ordained.

The mischievous Immortal Giant Bird escapes from the heavenly confinement and goes on to wreak havoc in the mortal world. The Buddha orders one of the 18 Luo Han Monks, Jiang Long Luo Han to go after by reincarnating as a mortal commoner, Li Xiu Yuan. On his bethrothal day, he remembers his identity and leaves everything behind to become a monk known as Daoji at the Temple. Jilted and forlorn at the altar, the bride Yanzhi cannot bear the blow and jumps off the cliff, only to be saved by the evil Giant Bird. Consumed by her grudge towards her love, Yanzhi gradually turns to the dark side, practicing black magic in order to come back and seek vengeance on Ji Gong...!