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Beware of evil stepsisters. Sweet Yun Hwa (Lee Yoo Ri) becomes the unwitting stepsister of Yu Ra (Min Ji Hyun). Though Yun Hwa would love nothing more to be sisters with Yu Ra, the latter will have nothing of it, due to a sticky situation in which her long-term crush, Yun Jae, just happens to be Yun Hwa’s doting boyfriend. In a tragic instant, Yu Ra takes everything Yun Hwa ever had: a promising future, a loving boyfriend, and the comfort of her family. Will Yun Hwa ever be able to break through her wintry shackles and shine brightly once again, like the Ice Adonis flower?
(Dual-audio : Right channel is Korean and Left channel is Mandarin. Disable either of the channels to enable 1 single audio)